MAGENTA Filters to grey-green colors, therefore specially for competition pilots. Best contrast at bright sunny days for average sensitive Eyes. Most of the pilots choose Magenta.


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 TEAL Filters to orange-yellow "sunset" colors, therefore useful for all kind of sports like skiing, snowboarding. Brigther than Magenta, colorfilter as standart brown sunglasses.


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 EMERALD Filters to brown-yellow colors, therfore useful for high contrast against clouded sky. Enhances red colors, and darkens the blue of the sky. White painted planes are better to see. Glider, skiing, etc.


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 GOLD SOLID Filters to grey-blue colors, therfore specially for competition pilots. Colorfilter of standart blue sunglasses. Appear darker than all other types!


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 GOLD SINGLE Filters to grey-blue colors same as Gold Solid, except the lower part of the flasses is left uncoated. Slightly brighter than Gold Solid . Helicopter, CPL.


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 BLUE SOLID Filters to red-yellow colors, "sunset" filter for all kind of sports. Slightly brighter than Teal.


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 BLUE SINGLE Filters to red-yellow colors same as Blue Solid, except the lower part of the glasses is left uncoated. Slightly brighter than Blue Solid. Helicopter,CPL.


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 GOLD SINGLE RED Filters to grey-blue colors with red tainted light up, except the lower part of the glasses is left uncoated. Slightly brighter than Gold Single. Helicopter,CPL.


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 TEAL RED Filters to orange-yellow colors with red tainted light up, coated as Teal. Slightly brighter than Blue Single. Skiing, Glider,Modelflying,CPL.


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 SILVER SINGLE RED Filters to grey colors with red tainted light up, except the lower part of the glasses is left uncoated. Slightly brighter than Gold Single. Helicopter,CPL.


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 YELLOW A must for competition pilots as they have to fly also in bad weather situation. Any fogbank is better to see and can be flown around! Color that uniquely brighters your visibility in low light conditions (without intensifying glare!)

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TIPS & TRICKS for model pilots: To choose the right typ of Zurich sunglasses for you special needs is not easy without testing them in 'Action', but some ideas may help the customer to group them:

1.) Check out the sun direction on your airfield: If you are mainly out on bright sunny days in the early afternoon, and you have the sun in your viewing area choose one of Magenta, Teal, Emerald or Gold Solid. Magenta is the best with the green filter, Teal is a standart brown lens, Gold Solid a standart grey lens, and Emerald enhances white plains against blue sky, so ideal for gliders. In case of less sensitive eyes also Blue Solid and Teal Red may be taken.

2.) If the sun is mainly out of your viewing area or you prefer to fly in the later afternoon or in overcasted wether situations you can also choose one of Single Gradient types. If you bring the plane in for landing below the horizont the lens may getting to dark - wearing a Single Gardient - you have the choice to line up your viewing area with the uncolored lower part of the glasses. You can than better see your plane and finish the landing. For choosing the right color please follow section 1. Gold/Silver Single Red are some special glasses which found to be very usefull for any wether situation.

3.) Red Lenses:Emerald, Gold/Silver Single Red enhance the red colors, and make the blue sky violett. White painted plaines are easier to see. Be carefull with ghost-gray painted models in the late afternoon. Brightness steps: Emerald, Teal Red, GoldSiR and SilverSiR. Gold Single Red is second place after Magenta on the selling list!

4.) Yellow lens: This is a special glass for worst weather situations as rain and fog. Usually noone is out for flying, except competion pilots sometime have to fly. This lens enhances the contrast and low level clouds are easy to see, so the model can be flown outside this clouds and is better to see. Same as somebody switches the light on!! Also usefull in late afternoon and in strongly overcasted weather situations. Ideal for car drivers in winter time.

In case of further questions don't hesitate to send an email, explain your situation and receive our suggestion!


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Item  Price in EUR  Quantity  Total in EUR
Magenta  66.00  
Teal  66.00  
Emerald  66.00  
Gold Solid  60.00  
Gold Single  60.00  
Blue Solid  60.00  
Blue Single  60.00  
Gold Single Red  60.00  
Teal Red  66.00  
Silver Single Red  60.00  
Yellow  50.40  
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