Zurich eyewear is the newest innovation in the sunglass and fashion industrie.
A unique combination of beautiful style, precision, optical quality and outstanding practical features makes
this the ultimate sunglass.
Now sports enthusiasts, from pilots, skiers, windsurfers, boaters, cyclists, golfers, tennis players and more have
eyewear available to meet all their active needs. The final result is a fashionable eyewear that offers the
individual much more than just its good look.

The following comparison will show you the advantage of ZURICH sunglasses:

ZURICH Sunglasses

conventional sunglasses


Features and Advantages:

- Blocks 100 % of UVA,UVB and 65% of IR eye-damaging rays
- Blocks glare in the sun,on water and snow (ideal for pilots)
- Total wraparound Vision
- Better than polarized lenses
- Great for contact lens wearers
- Fit over most prescription glasses.
- Space-age ballistic polycarbonate construction qualifies Zurichs as safety glasses
- Easy to care for: Simply clean with warm water and mild liquid detergent. Dry with a soft cotton cloth or chamois.
- Clip-on floating case and straps included with glasses